Hey there podcaster!

Ready to really ROCK iTunes?  

Let’s do this… together!

Let me share with you all the insider tips and tricks to really elevate your podcast to the level you dream of… and give you a place to lean in, ask questions, network and be held accountable.

But back to the story at hand…

In Sept 2015, I started Radcasters Podcasting S’cool to help people go from no idea to iTunes.

I’ve had over 100 people go through the course since then, and have worked with many podcasters as a coach and mentor, and there’s definite recurring stumbling blocks I see time and time again.  

You might relate:

  • Start questioning their level of success (i.e: comparing downloads)
  • Wonder how they will ever make money?
  • Struggle to build audience
  • Lose enthusiasm
  • Lack momentum
  • Only know what they know (particularly around creating quality sound and systems)
  • Find themselves being less consistent
  • Losing connection to why they started in the first place
  • Feel a bit like an island… all alone, in the middle of nowhere

So I started a Radcasters Community as a way for existing podcasters to stay on that learning journey and receive some serious inspiration, encouragement, support and accountability (oh accountability!!!).  

It’s a low cost, low risk, high value option for those podcasters who want to make the most of the medium… and really enjoy the process.

For ONLY $20USD a month, you’ll get access to:

One live group call with yours truly (which includes hot seats and podcast reviews)

Super supportive, active and fun community (via a Facebook group)

Access to a growing library of resources to help you grow and improve you podcast and your experience


Hit over 100,000 downloads in their first 4 months

Secured $30k sales as a direct result of their podcast

Hit number one in their category (consistently)

Been featured in New and Noteworthy for 3 full months

Selected by Apple as a ‘featured podcast’

If you’re ready to take your podcast next level, this is a no brainer.  

Get a pro on your team… and a community of inspiring podcasters around you.  

Let’s face it.  If nothing changes, nothing changes.

So let’s create some change.

Podcasting is an incredible medium.  

And it can be fun, impactful and create some real momentum and traction in your life and business.  

Let’s make that a reality… together.