If you're here, you've been thinking about starting a podcast (or at the very least, are curious about it). Putting yourself out there can be pretty scary!  And starting a new project, in a totally new medium, that you're not very familiar with, can be an utterly daunting task.

Believe me, I know how that feels...I’m an ex-radio jock, producer and copywriter and current in-demand voice over artist. I’ve run a successful Voice Over Agency (Killer Kopy) for over a decade, and I managed to procrastinate in starting a podcast for 10 years!  And it wasn’t fear of the sound of my own voice, or the audio side of things that stopped me from podcasting.  It was fear.  Fear of not knowing what to say… fear of not knowing if anyone wanted to hear what I had to say… fear that I didn’t have enough time (two businesses around a toddler)… fear that it might be one big fat failure.

But, it wasn’t. It was an incredible experience.  One that saw me rocket to the number one in iTunes (business).  And one that took me on an incredible journey… that would never have eventuated if I didn’t start podcasting.

There's just so many questions, right?

How might a podcast work for you?
Why would you want to start one?
What might you talk about?
Would anyone want to hear what you have to say?
What do you need to start?  So much to think about!  Eek!
And where do you start?
Start here… with this free webinar from an audio and podcasting expert.

I’m Karly Nimmo and (as I mentioned) I’m an ex-radio jock, producer & copywriter, current in-demand Voice Over Artist, running my successful Voice Over Agency (Killer Kopy) for over a decade.  More recently, I’m a number 1 iTunes podcaster (Karlosophies) and I teach people to go from no idea to iTunes through Radcasters Podcasting S’cool.

During this 1 hour online training, I’ll help you:

- figure out if podcasting is the right medium for you
- how you could use it in your business
- give you the tools to start, so you won’t be left behind

Here’s what we’ll cover:

- 11 reasons why you might start a podcast
- knowing your who/what/why and coming up with your show format
- introduction to sound, how it works and why it's important in a podcast
- mic types and choosing the right mic for you
- recording space and what you can do to improve your space\
- brief overview of hosting and iTunes
- marketing your podcast and using it as lead gen

You've got everything to gain, and nothing to lose - because admission to this online masterclass for podcasting novices is totally free of charge.



  • Thursday 20th October
  • 10:00am Sydney, Melbourne
  • 4pm (Wednesday) Los Angeles
  • 7pm (Wednesday) New York

Karly Nimmo is an ex-radio jock, producer & copywriter, current in-demand Voice Over Artist and has run her successful Voice Over Agency (Killer Kopy) for over a decade. There's a pretty slim chance you haven't heard her voice. She's worked with everyone from Telstra, BHP, eBay, Panasonic, Qantas to Coles-Myer and ANZ.  Karly's also an avid and successful podcaster, with her number 1 iTunes hit, Karlosophies - Stories Behind Success.  And finally, she's the creator of Radcasters Podcasting S'cool - where she teaches entrepreneurs how to podcast like a pro.  Her mission is to rid the world of shit sounding podcasts.