Here's the truth: at some point in your podcasting journey, you're going to come up against a roadblock. It might be technical, like not knowing how to take your audio really next level; or it might be more abstract, like fear or self doubt.

After years working in radio and the launch of her own podcast, Karlosophies, Karly has been there and done that...and now, she's offering one on one coaching sessions to help you move forward in your podcasting journey, past fear, past self-doubt, past technical issues and into that sweet spot where you're really enjoying the process, and have a clear intention for what you want this journey to be about.

Karly Nimmo is an ex-radio jock, producer & copywriter, current in-demand Voice Over Artist and has run her successful Voice Over Agency (Killer Kopy) for over a decade. There's a pretty slim chance you haven't heard her voice. She's worked with everyone from Telstra, BHP, eBay, Panasonic, Qantas to Coles-Myer and ANZ.  Karly's also an avid and successful podcaster, with her number 1 iTunes hit, Karlosophies - Stories Behind Success.  And finally, she's the creator of Radcasters Podcasting S'cool - where she teaches entrepreneurs how to podcast like a pro.  Her mission is to rid the world of shit sounding podcasts.

A one hour coaching session with Karly is just 275AUD, with a range of appointment times available to work around your schedule. 

It's time to stop self-sabotaging, get some mentoring from a podcasting and audio expert, and see what this medium can do for you.

As a radio producer for more than fifteen years, I was embarrassed to admit that I had no idea what I was doing in the podcasting world! I could produce an amazing sounding interview in a fully-decked out radio studio, but at home on my own? No idea. But in an hour with Karly, that completely changed. She not only guided me in how to create a high quality podcast, but also edit and market it. Best hour I've spent on my business.

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